Hey i'm looking to get a new interface to record on my computer but im not sure where to go cause i used to just plug in to a mic and go.

My friend loaned me his Alesis interface, i forget what model but it had a firewire input and thats the only experience i have with these things.

My max price now is about 300 USD and i've heard from a lot of people that M-audio stuff is pretty good.

Any suggestions? cause i am literally completely clueless
in my experience:

Tascam US-122 is good and back when i got it, it was $200US and came with Cubase LE

Lexicon Alpha is also good and at around $200 comes with Cubase as well (i like cubase)

they're USB interfaces, since mac blows (but that's just my fully credible opinion as a computer scientist). Firewire is faster than regular USB, but USB2.0 is faster than regular firewire, and whatever new firewire is supposed to be faster than USB2.0

I'd strongly consider USB interfaces because they're almost guaranteed to work with any setup (as EVERYTHING has USB on it). Finally, if possible, grab the tascam. IMO it's slightly better than the lexicon and has never failed me.
so the quality of the tascam is fine? i know that some lower priced ones arent all that good. and how do i know the difference between usb2.0 and a regular usb?

i dont really know much about computer science and tech

Oh, and what if i dont use cubase?
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