Just got one of the new Xaviere JT-40 offset guitars (Surf Green) from Guitarfetish for $237 shipped.


I'll get pics of the actual guitar up in a few days along with some sound clips.

For the money, the guitar rocks. My main concern when purchasing it was tuning/intonation problems, but the tuners are surprisingly well built, and the floating tremolo is also pretty solid. Nothing wrong with the fret work that I can see, no fret buzz, and action is good. The strings on this thing seem thick though, maybe 11s? I'll leave it for now since this isnt my main guitar, but I might end up changing to 10s eventually. The neck is also pretty thick, it feels like a 50's U neck, almost like a nocaster, but maybe not that big.

The p90s are decent, to me they sound best with a bit of overdrive. The clean tones are good too, but i prefer my strat for cleans. Theres no use trying to explain the tones, Ill just have to get sound clips up later.

All in all its a great guitar for $200, anyone whos looking for a cheap offset should look into them.
Dude that guitar is cool as f*ck! Seriously I've been drooling over those for a while now but there is no more room in my herd for another 6 string. Congrats man and thanks for the review
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Aw man, that thing looks awesome! And at that price! Had I known about these a few months ago, I would totally have one right now. Maybe one day!
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Hey there,
Does it sound similar to a Jazzmaster?
Any chance of getting some clips up?
Just bought a b-stock for 130 dollars, thought itd be worth the gamble I guess..
Hoodoo you do Mr. Bellamy