im looking at seymour duncans for all of them.

first is a c-1 classic that i should be buying soon. the guy sold the original pups and put in actives, but i dont want this guitar to be a super metal shred guitar. since the other guitarist in my band has a JB as his bridge pup, I'd like to try something different. I'm thinking either the alternative 8 SH-15 or the duncan custom SH-5. i use the crate amp in my sig which is 50w tube and we play blues and rock so i dont need something for high gain or tight palm muting. I'm thinking either the Jazz SH-2n or Alnico II Pro APH-1 for the neck, but I'm guessing the Jazz would suit me better since im not necessarily going for vintage tones? oh and im kinda limited since these pups have to have the nickle cover option.

For my seven string, I have a JB already but it's not in the guitar at the moment. Pretty much decided on a '59 for the neck, but I was considering the duncan distortion SH-6. the website says its a tighter, hotter version of the SH-5 and still good for low tunings. I use this through the crate amp as well but i have a digitech metal master pedal for the high gain stuff.

anyone with any experience with these pups? thanks in advance

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