hey you guys

I've been playing (e-)guitar for almost a year and a month ago my thin e-string broke.

so i replaced it and everything seemed to be okay, but today it cracked again Oo

So I'm asking if there's any reason why this had happen again? I alrdy googled it but i didnt find anything on that topic. Is there anything I may have done wrong

please help
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look at the bridge for a sharp edge and file it down if you find one


Some players just cant use certain strings. I hardly every break 9's. I love using bends.
Most players say they couldnt do it.
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not necessarily- it may have simply been a bad string. that just happens sometimes, even with brand new strings.

where did it break? if it was a random place or at the ball end (provided you got a set of regular strings and not fender "bullet ends") it was more than likely just a bad string, but if it broke at a contact point (such as the nut) then it could mean you need to check whichever part of the guitar the string broke at to see if there's anything that would be cutting into it.
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stop playing so hard and get thicker gauge strings until you're better at playing.

when i first started out i broke a lot of 9 gauge strings because i'd strum too hard
well it broke at the headstock. I thought if i could have done something wrong when i (how d'you say??) installed(? sounds weird xD) the string.

Never recognized i would have strummed too hard... but i will be more careful in future apart from that the first string kept much longer.

Is it possibly that i just was unlucky and it was a manufacturing error?
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well it broke at the headstock.

do you mean between the nut and the tuners? or at the nut?
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Come on people, You forgot to ask one of the most important questions.

What gauge of strings are you using, OP? If you're using a really heavy gauge like .13 to .56 or something like that it's very easy to break strings. Stevie Ray Vaughan played .13s and broke strings in practically every live show.
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yes between the tuners and the nut, not an inch above the nut.

The strings are Ernie Balls 9 to 42 nickel wound
could have just been a bad string. Try moving up to 10-46. They're a bit thicker and quite a bit more durable.
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