Hey i have gotten some offers for an sg-310 of mine.Both are hardshell cases and some other stuff.
1 trade is for the case and a Behringer eq pedal.The second is for a case and 3 "vintage" Dimarzio humbuckers,the guy doesn't know the model.
So here's the catch the first guy just wants the guitar but the second guy wants the guitar and some grovers i have.

The humbuckers will be going in a metal guitar so I'm a little worried that these so called vintage Dimarzios will give out the sound i need.

What would you do?
Vintage Dimarzio's are so underarted.


He's playing a 1956 LP Standard that was refinished and has vintage Dimarzio's in it.
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behringer stompboxes suck, id steer clear of them.

id go with the second guy.

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