I ****ing loved this candy and I haven't seen any in walmart or anywhere for a long ass time. Did they go out of business or something?
I was thinking the same up until about two weeks ago when a friend of mine had a big bag full. Delicious, I missed them.
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I got some right now!!!
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GWB took them with him when he left, he is now using them as hat stands
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I've never heard of this candy .......was it only in America or something?
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I hear they're being used by prostitutes who don't do BJ's
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they're fake

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I find that a lot of the candies I used to really enjoy in my earlier childhood are gone from most usual stores, but then I find them in random gas stations. Go scouting in your city through all of the gas stations and you just might find some. I always keep an eye out for Cow Tails whenever I go to a gas station.
Walmart only tends to have them around Halloween.
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There are some in my kitchen. Not sure where they're from though. I think my sister bought them.
They can be found in Walgreens before Halloween and on their website. I always make sure to get a couple bags from Walgreens while I can.
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No, They still make them. I got about 30 on Halloween

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I got a pack the other day at Rite Aide. It was the first time I've seen them in probably 10 or so years...
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I get them at the candy store at one of the mall's in my area. Just finished off my latest batch the other night, shit was so cash.
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