Hello everyone,

I am making this post to see if any of you have had or have any good advice with dealing with a stray pinky finger.

I have been practicing the Only Ash Remains intro solo by Necrophagist. My problem arises past 80% speed.

My pinky wants to shoot straight back as far away from the fretboard as possible after doing some pull-offs in parts of the lick.

As you can imagine in order to play that solo at full tilt (for those of you who have listened to it you know what I am talking about). It is very important to keep your fingers as close to the board as possible so they don't have to travel as far to properly play the note. (the whole conservation of motion bit :P)

In any case I am having one hell of a time keeping my pinky where it needs to be. I have tried taping my pinky to my ring finger etc.

This is one of the few cases where I have any trouble with my pinky. I use it very adamantly.

Anyone have any good advice??
I'd stop worrying about it. Just work the thing up from slow speed, and your pinky will do what it has to do naturally.
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