so i had my Ibanez S320 set up and changed string gauge from .09s to .10s.
I seemed fine, but,as i started to play, i noticed that the G string wasn´t sounding well. it doesn´t sound clean, has almost no sustain and breaks into harmonic very easily,especially on the 14th fret. Even my squier strat with 6 months old strings sounds a lot better!
So, could it just be a bad string, or does it have to be set up again? i don´t want to spend more money on set ups
I'm not sure what it is or what is causing it, but you should bring it back immediately and tell the guy who set it up what you posted here. He might fix it free of charge. Worth a shot anyways.

The tech seems to have set it up with alot of fret buzz on the G string. Take it back and he should fix it free of charge. If he asks you if the buzz comes through the amp, don't think about it, just say YES. If you are a professional guitar tech, any buzz is bad, and I don't care what excuses those amateurs make, fret buzz kills sustain, tone and articulation.

If he doesn't believe you, plugs it into a amp that's cranked and spewing with gain, and tries to show you it's fine cos he can do a blues run on it, try and get your money back, take your guitar and RUN!!

EDIT: Thought it was worth nothing that by increasing string gauge from 9's to 10's, the effect of any existing MILD fret buzz would normally be decreased, as there is more tension on the strings, which are thicker and slightly more resilient to MILD contact with the fretwire. I have emphasized the 'MILD' part as what you are describing is not what I would consider 'mild'. If the G string sounds almost dead and is letting go harmonics, it is contacting frets somewhere on the neck that is killing the resonance, and that to me is ALOT of buzz, which is not acceptable for a paid service.
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