hey, so i am writing this song, and everything was going good, i threw down this sweep arpeggio part, that is pretty cool its not just up and down sweeps its all sequenced chords i guess...

anyway, i was hoping some of you had ideas for how to get out of this part? it sounds really good upto the part then my brain just doesn't know where to go...

ideas from other music would be beneficial too.
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Do some single lines and go into some phrasing.

Errr what? Everything you play is 'Phrased'. It's not a certain type of thing you do in a certain way.

It would help if you could record it, then at least we can tell how the solo (if that what it is) builds and where it can be directed from there.
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Maybe finish it off with a nice bend followed by a descending scale run. But it would help to hear it.