Ok, so i've been playing for about 3 years, and honestly the only full song i've learnt was 'hand of blood' by 'bullet for my valentine'. I can play it quite well.
I can play a whole bunch of other things, not full songs.
I can play solo's, and riffs... blahblah

Long story short.
I need a song to learn that will excite me/make me wanna learn it, and will help me in writing my own music.. Help with making riffs, rythms and structure.
Could you suggest one?

Keep in mind, im not much into metal (or its subgenre's) anymore, ocassionally.

Thanks in advance
What genres are you into then? Early sabbath stuff is more bluesy and it makes heavy use of minor pentatonic stuff. idk
What about purple haze by Hendrix?
i have only been playing for 1 and half years, i just know loads of riffs, and can play a couple of songs all the way through:
Forever Man - Eric Clapton
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin.
At the moment im really into John frusciante (i usually am :p), wether that be his solo acoustic, or the empyrean sound. I like tonnes, but mostly i'd like to be writing music like 'at the drive-in' and 'the sound of animals fighting'

royEDIT: I was thinking about learning purple haze last night, lol, i might do it now
But other suggestions are welcomed, coz' i dig that
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If you hear an Evile song you will love metal again. But apart from that, Runnin With The Devil By Van Halen, Over The Mountain by Ozzy Osbourne and Believer By Ozzy Osbourne.