Hi guys, I'm a bass baritone singer and I do lead and backup. For backup vocals, I use falsetto a lot, because of my limited upper range, and singing low harmonies is just so damn hard. Unfortunately, while I have a pretty good falsetto range(usually up to an A5), I find that my range can be inconsistent and would also like to strengthen its power.

That said, I've never seen or heard of any exercises to strengthen or warm up your falsetto. Logic would tell me that if you had strong vocal cords, that your falsetto would also be stronger, but practice doesn't necessarily agree with this.

Also, I'm not really sure where to put my voice in falsetto. I'm sure that raising the hard palate and breathing from my diaphragm all still apply, is there anything else?

So does anyone know of any falsetto exercises, techniques or warmups?
As the name suggests, falsetto is pretty much a "false vocals" technique which is barely related to your actual speaking or singing voice techniques. So even if you can sing great, you may not be able to do a good falsetto.

Technique: If you mix your head voice while doing your falsetto, you should get a solid falsetto.

Exercise: Have a piano play a scale and try to falsetto-sing the notes that the piano hits.
If you have a good ear, you should be able to tell whether you're hitting them or not.

Note: Keep in mind that a lower baritone voice would normally have a hard time hitting high notes without rigorous training.
Hope this helps.

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