How much time do you spend on the Pit every day?
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1-2 hrs
your insane, but reasonable
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1-2 hrs

That's nothing. Some people on here spend all day here.

It serves as a useful tool for procrastination but generally, I don't spend that much time here as much as I used to anymore because I've just lost interest in The Pit (the increase of stupid threads and lame responses are to blame). I do spend quite a lot of the time here, though, after if I've finished a substantial amount of work and just want to relax for a bit. This is about 1-2 hours.
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about 14 hours usually.
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thats nothing. Everytime im on the computer a keep clicking my bookmark for it every minute to see entertaining posts.
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I'm probably on it around 5 hours a day, although most of that time, I'll be playing bass (my bass and amp are in my room, with my computer), or on Facebook, or writing something on Guitar Pro. Hell, usually I'll leave UG up while I'm downstairs playing my drums.
Usually only an hour or so spent between waiting for replies on other forums where I spend far more time.
A lot.

Im tripping shrooms, so a lot is a lot.
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wayyyyy to fvcking long. upwards of 5 hours, though it's sort of a passive kind of "on UG".

the Pit is usually open on my laptop all day.
5-9 hours, school nights.

Don't get me started on weekends...

God, I need some help, don't I?
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spent all day here for a wile sometimes
now its rare
i spend too much time on other sites now

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