I was adjusting the length of the strap while standing up and I had the bass around my neck (stupid, I know) and the strap slipped off the end of the bass and the bass fell to the floor. I'm 6"2 so it was a bit of a drop onto the carpeting. There looked to be no external damage but when I plugged it into the amp and started playing a loud rattling sound came through, especially on the E and A strings. I tried playing with my fingers, with a pick, changing tones, even changing lead cords but nothing worked and I now suspect the rattling is coming from inside the bass from behind the pickups. What do I do?
Most likely coming from the tuning pegs. It's happened to me. Check to see if it's that. If not... open up the back and make sure everything is tighten down.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Everyone's bass makes an occasional unscheduled trip to the floor. Hell, why do you think Fender came out with the Road Worn series? Fortunately, most basses are built like tanks (Thanks for looking out for us, Leo Fender!).
I dropped my BTB the first day I got it, was about a 4 foot drop, sraight onto my toe

but on topic, I'd guess tuning peg
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My bass makes a rattly noise sometimes. I opened it up and it was fine. Then i hit it and it stopped. So very rarely it starts again, and i hit it again. lol