so i got this guitar its an ibanez gax30 i bought it to keep at my skool and basically just a beater guitar. i only paid $50 for it so what can u expect but it serves its purpose and its been fun to play on.



^^ thats it. but i wanna do sumthin to make it different. any kind of mods would be cool?? suggestions anyone?? right now idk what i wanna do but ill ask for help. sound or just visual mods are cool let me know.
put new pups on it, maybe those onboard effects, those are cool.
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I've always thought they look cooler with no pickguard. Maybe get some GFS pickups for it to replace the stock ones. Use it to experiment with some different wirings and stuff like that.
Put a sticker next to the bridge?
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Put a sticker next to the bridge?

lol when i bought it had a sticker next to the bridge that i took off
Black leather dye on fretboard
All black hardware
Coil split both pickups
Install new pickups
Install new tuners
Install new nut

Though considering it's a cheap guitar personally just get new pickups and then abuse the **** out of it.
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aww that's too bad, stickers can be kewl on guitars. What kind of sticker was it?

it wasnt that great. it had started to wear off and looked like crap so i went ahead and took it all the way off i done even remember what it was
Just save up and replace everything. Bridge, Pick ups, tuners, nut, etc. Coil split them as said above, Killswitch would be fun