So I'm looking for a job for next summer, as I lifeguarded this year and absolutely despised it, and really would like a change. To be specific, I'm looking for a job working at a hospital or somewhere in the medical field, since that'd look really good on college apps (I'm a high school junior, I start applying next July), and it's close to what I plan to major in (immunology/biological sciences). A friend of mine also said he worked at the medical center when he was 16/17 and earned $300 a week, so that's good money. Does anyone know anything about working at hospitals/medical centers (or even M.D. Anderson, it's a 45 minute drive away)? If I can find one that pays, then great; and if not, well, I'll think about it, because either way it'll help me, just, I won't be able to buy the Bogner I've had my eyes on . It's either this or Best Buy, and I'd only like to work there if I can work in the Musical Instruments section. Anyways, lemme know if you know anything about this....no matter what, I refuse to go back to lifeguarding
You could get a Housekeeping job at a hospital, nursing home or hospice.

You could probably work in the cafeteria washing dishes or something, or doing laundry.
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@dudetheman: Meh....I was hoping there were some more hands-on jobs. I'd do summer research, but apparently I need to apply, and be a senior in high school
You can maybe apply to be a porter. Although sometimes you have to take bodies to the morgue...
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You can maybe apply to be a porter. Although sometimes you have to take bodies to the morgue...

Now THAT would be my kind of thing
some hospitals have jobs just transporting patients that are in wheelchairs and stretchers. im a student at a hospital for xray and theres a few people who work doing patient transport. they bring inpatients into the xray dept, then take them back when we're done with them. idk if all hospitals do this, or how old u have to be for it. u can also work doing cafeteria crap. one of my friends who was 17 got a job bringing patients their meals. again, not sure if all hospitals do this.

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