Hey, I am going to build a Frankenstrat replica and am going to buy a guitar and mod it as opposed to buying lots of individual parts, so, what guitar can I use to base my build on? The only requirements are a H-s-s or H-s-H routing, with a floyd rose, so has anyone got any ideas?
and yes before anyone says this, I know its a veru unoriginal idea, but EVH is one of my favourite guitarists, and this is what i want to do.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
thanks in advance
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you could find a charvel. and older one would be cool but a new one would be expensive. most of those are routed for floyds
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easiest option would be a Charvel like oldspice suggested since they have the correct routing and the banana headstock / maple neck.

on the other hand, you could go for the top mounted floyd (like the real frankie) and just modify a strat body (no route underneath, just fill and drill new bridge post holes)
I made one out of one of those fender floyd rose series which was routed for H/S/S.
they're just an EVH project waiting to happen really aha
im routing a squier soon!....if your good with a router just find a cheapo squier strat!