The last song I posted people seemed to dislike the drums. This song started out as a riff messing with drum sounds and it has eventually turned into a song.

What do you think?

Any comments welcome but I would also like some feedback on the drums too ...

The song can be found here and is called 'The Spirit Vault'...

Holy f*ck at your tone sir. What are you playing through on that?

That was played pretty well, very syncopated with the drums(which sound pretty decent). I liked the riffs a lot, they all went smoothly between each other and were catchy but not too grabbing to not have vocals over them...which I want to hear. Like some Anders style vox should go on there.

I'd love to hear that song fleshed out with a full band, it'd be bada$$ sir.

The drums, they sounded like drums. Not pro-actually played drums, but they sounded good for a home studio. Nice punch, a little bottom end on em. I'm not much for mixing drums myself, but I think they sound pretty good.

7/10 (9.5 if you get some vox on it and finish it up)

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1247325
Thanks guys!

For the guitars I just used my toneport into cubase. Nothing fancy. Just a few EQ tweaks and a bit of compression.

As for the drums, I just used drumkit from hell again except that I went right back to the start and created the sound from nothing.

Logan, I will have a look at your song now!