Iv spent allot of money into buying some nice gear for my guitar but i never actually bought stuff for practices which are important like PA systems and stuff...
For band practices should i just buy 2 stage monitors and a mixer? Im new at this stuff so go right ahead and laugh lol. I just need something that will make it so my Bassist and I (the guitarist/singer) can hear Im sure my drummer will hear fine though

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Are you talking about powered stage monitors (wedges) or a powered mixer? Personally I'd just go for a mixer, an amp and then whatever speakers you like. Good wedges would be a good idea because if there's one thing house PAs often neglect it's decent wedges, they spend money on front of house and neglect the poor musos on the stage doing all the work.
If you do go the route of powered wedges just make sure they have a decent amp in them.
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My band just puts the our two mikes into a monitor with two inputs. It carries both sets of vocals, and our amps/drums carry the rest. It depends on how big your practice space is.