sooo, my friend is buying a new guitar, he wants a les paul from epiphone(a good one). he can buy any les paul, money is not a problem, in addition, he will or can change both pickups.
he likes:
zakk wylde's buzzsaw
les paul custom
les paul standard or the plus top or any of those

he wants versatility, to play the rolling stones to pantera, he mostly likes hard rock(acdc, kiss, les zeppelin, the classics...) metal(not the new one, metallica, megadeth, black sabbath, iron maiden, etc...). so he can buy and replace any pick up. hes into the emgs, sm alnico 2 and jb, and dimarzio super distortion.

i want your advises, telling which guitar with the more convenient pick ups in their respective positions.
cheers, christian
Why only Epiphone? if it has to be from them than the plus top would be the best route I suppose. If money isn't an issue though he could either get a Gibson LP studio and an agile 3100 to stay in the epi price range. As for pickups, if they need to be swapped and he doesn't like the stock ones I'd suggest a SD JB/Jazz or 59 combo and install a push/pull knob for coil tapping.
He should get an agile AL-3000 or 3100. Stock pickups are great in my opinion and would sound awesome with some Duncans. Epiphones aren't that great for the price you pay, While I have played some awesome epiphone there quality isn't always there.
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Just get a Gibson Les Paul Studio for a little more than a top of the line Epiphone since money isn't the supposed issue here. That's just my opinion but if it has to be an Epi, then get a plus top or a custom. They are all about the same to me when it comes to Les Paul's because they all have the basic standards but some have better tops, finishes, tuners, and different pickups. Do what you will and good luck as always!
If money isn't an issue tell him to get a Gibson R9...
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money is a issue!! he is not millonare and i told that so that didnt have to buther with economic preferences and tell me the standard is good deal
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money is a issue!! he is not millonare and i told that so that didnt have to buther with economic preferences and tell me the standard is good deal

Well then how much can he spend?

If he's looking at the Epi Standard then I'm guessing he's in the 300-500 dollar range, am I right?

I'd look at Agile guitars. You'll get more value for your money. You pay for a name when you buy Epiphone.
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I didnt expect anything out of the Epi Studio Deluxe..but I was really Impressed.

When they first came out...they were $349 with a free hardshell case.
Now they are $399 alone. Creeping up.

It has a rave reviews. Dont take my word for it.
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Seriously do your friend the favor, get a Agile. Agile 3000s will blow any of those Epiphones away, they are great guitars stock. For the same price of an Epi, you can get Gibson custom features on an Agile
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