I've been playing for about a year now and i have kind of gotten to this hump.
every song i try to learn is either to easy or to hard, could someone please recommend some songs to learn or way to get better?
Try breaking the hard songs down into sections and learn them that way. Just learn them one bar at a time, if need be. That's how it is usually done. Practice things that you are not good at, such as unfamiliar scales to build finger dexterity and increase musical capabilities. Try new chromatic exercises to increase dexterity and fluidity. Commit to learning a difficult song that you like very much from beginning to end, no matter how long it takes. Use a metronome to increase speed when you play scales and chromatic exercises.

You will see some serious improvement.

Everyone hits those plateaus. The great ones persevere through them.
Also, try to write your own stuff. I almost always find that when I write something there's usually a part that is just a bit beyond my playing level. so i practice it over and over until i get it.

If you do what fatalgear41 and I have mentioned I'm sure you will push through this block.
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