Alright so I'm not quite sure if theres a thread that will answer this question but I want to know if theres a way to open up my middle notes?

I can sing up to a certain note and then theres no sound coming out till I get higher up, it's like having to play an octave up on a saxophone without using the register key, and you can hear the cracking.
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Maybe you're hitting notes in your natural range, then the notes in the higher register are falsetto? Just sing or practice with solfège.
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Your voice has several "breaks" or cracks in the range. You are describing a break. Go to the higher note and gliss it down to your other register. This will help you combine the two registers. It may sound weak at first, but just stick with it for a few weeks and don't push it too hard. Eventually it will grow in strength and you can put some balls behind it. When you find that lighter higher voice (falsetto) and you get more familiar with it, try just singing in it and do some sliding from note to note to get rid of any breaks. Do it real lightly and with a very pure tone. When you find a break in your falsetto, work to smooth it out real good. This will help you develop the coordination it takes to sing full voice with no breaks