so next year i am doing year 12 music at school, as part of the assessment i have to do some techinical assessments playing scales, exersises and stuff.
so my question, what do you sugesst as appropriete things to do?
so far i have: Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor.
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It's well and good to know the degrees of each of those scales, but be sure that you can play them in any given key. If it's anything like a standard jazz audition, you might be asked to perform these scales in a particular key or mode, ascending, descending, backward-ascending and backward-descending, or even in some cases, sequences.
I wouldn't think high school was be so strict on this (I'm going to into year 12 myself),but I really would advocate learning all of this things while you're at it, because you'll grasp a much greater understanding of your instrument, and music in general.

EDIT: Also, fluency is a major part in practical assessments like this. Keep your notes consistent and in time, even if it is slower than your usual playing (thogh in my experience, tempo is too considered). You might also be asked to run through the scale including dynamics, or applying a certain tonal quality - legato (slurred), staccato .etc.
Like I said before, chances are the teacher won't be so particular, but these aspects are part of general routines anyway, so it's definitely worth investing your time in.
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