Hi! Earlier this week I brought my guitar to a guitar shop (Guitar Showcase) to they could swap out my pickups. I didn't really like the stock Duncan Designed pickups on my Schecter so I wanted to switch it with SH-1's and SH-4's. And I just got my guitar back today, restrung it and everything already.

The first thing I noticed when I plugged my guitar into the amp was a hiss. The kind of hiss you get when you turn the gain all the way up. BUT i have a noise gate (ISP Decimator) so that's not supposed to happen. I suspected tubes at first, so I plugged the guitar into my backup amp, and it still had that hiss.

Could this be a pickup problem and could this be easily fixed? I open the back plate of the guitar to check the soldering, and they seem somewhat okay, but I don't really know, and I don't really feel like driving an hour all the way to the guitar shop again.

But if this is a soldering problem, I could ask one of my friends to do it for me, but I just need to know what the problem is.

What do you guys think? Thanks!
the hiss is just there. it doesn't go away.

ALSO- as for sound.
my guitar is coil tapped. the i pull the knob up for the single-coil- the sound is great- no problems at all.

but when i push the knob down for the humbucker- the sound comes and goes. the volume goes lower and comes back up after a while.
no remove old solder 1st.........get the store to do it if they broke it or didn`t do a proper job then you`ve paid for a level of service you haven`t recieved........