So UG, help me out.

I bought an EC-1000 back in October. I played it with a bit less that 100% certainty, but decided to give it a couple months to see if I'd adapt. Turns out that it's been really hit and miss...either it's great, or it's awful when I pick it up. I never know. I love the sound, but sometimes it just doesn't feel right.

So I'm thinking a couple things. Either:
- I keep the guitar and see if i'll get more comfortable with it.
- I return it for refund
- I return and exchange it.

If I exchange...I'm not sure exactly what I want. I'd love PRS, and feel comforable enough with the SE special. I need to play it a little more to get a better opinion, but that would give me a replacement guitar and couple hundred back.
I could also go with a new amp. I have a Valveking 50 watt, and it's fine but stock, and definitely needs a new speaker. I could do that or just sell the amp as well and get a new amp, and lose a guitar.

Any thoughts?

tl;dr, sell ec-1000, keep it, exchange it for guitar or amp.
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exchange for amp. If u dont like how a guitar feels, ull never enjoy playing it and thats the worst thing that could happen to ur natural evolution as a guitar player.
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