... If it was possible to plug stereos on your bass amp to make the sound louder .. In my 2 years of bass playing I never even bothered about things like this but since im in a band now, I have to. Im not even good with amps and I dont know all these technical stuff lol so I decided to join the UG forums. Hope somebody can answer me nicely
I wouldn't
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You can plug an auxilury out or headphone output into an effects loop in or power amp in. Do not plug into a normal input. it may damage the preamp because the signal can be too strong.
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I see. Thanks
and btw Thanks for welcome!

I mean like the one people use in gigs/concerts? I see people plug a lot of stuff and it comes out on a big speaker. So I guess im talking about a P.A system?
Oh right. Use the line out on your amp for that, not the cab outs though.

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