So, I have EMG (active) pickups in a schecter hellraiser, and am thinking of upgrading to a PRS or ESP. I love the way the EMGs handle distortion, but they don't seem to hold sustain very long on pinch harmonics (guess what I like to play). What would be a pickup that I could look out for that'll give me that modern metal tone and sustain my PH longer?

Second question: I have owned the 6505+ head from Peavey with a 4x12 which sounded amazing. But, it tended to translate poorly to anything other than metal. What are your suggestions for versatile amps that can handle clean tones while maintaining brutality when needed? I'd like an ENGL, but that's not in the gameplan at the moment

I like metal (Lamb of God, Dimmu Borgir, Dave Mustaine, etc...) the most, but I like rocking some hendrix and pink floyd sometimes too.
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no pickup will sustain your pinch harmonics longer.
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Marshall JCM900, seems that'd fit in with your implied budget. And I'd go with passives, like Duncan JB and 59 or Dimarzio-somethings. Most ESPs have EMGs, but some have Duncans. Schecters generally have Duncans, as do many Jacksons. If you're good with bolt-on, Charvel puts Dimarzios in their guitars.

EDIT: And ^ is right, but I still hold my suggestions as a possible way to help.
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Well, I've adjusted everything else, and I can seem to get longer harmonics from another guitar with humbuckers plugged into the same rig... Changed the battery. I'm confused. It's gotta be something specific to the guitar, right? Maybe fret size or something of the like?
No locking trem...

I dunno I'm at a loss. I get fairly decent sustain on regular fretted notes. But the pinch harmonics seem to trail off very quickly vibrato or no... Confusing

I guess my next step is to take both guitars to a different amp to see if it's consistent. I hate being confused by something I should know, heh.
It's your pinch harmonic technique, you need to keep practicing it. ALOT
My 81 holds forever thru my 6505. As for amps, maybe a Roadking but lots of cash for that. Not too many amps do both clean and brutal amazingly well (other than modeling like the vetta). I have Fenders attempt, the super-sonic, cleans are amazing but the 6505 is way tighter with gain.
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Dude, everyone knows you need to buy the Zakk Wylde MG Stack before you can do them MAD PH's, brah!!! You need the crushingly brutal distortion that only the MG can provide...

Just practice your technique. I used the same problem, then it just became natural, then I stopped playing metal
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you need to keep practicing it. ALOT
Yeah, you need to keep practicing. Then a word that isn't a word!

Anyways, it's more technique and volume when it comes to getting pinch harmonics to sustain. Loud+vibrato = more sustain than does practice volume+no vibrato. Shake the sheet out of those pinches and you should notice some increased sustain. Further, crank your amp and shake the proverbial sheet out of those pinch harmonics and you should notice ever more sustain.

Best of luck.
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[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']Dude, everyone knows you need to buy the Zakk Wylde MG Stack before you can do them MAD PH's, brah!!! You need the crushingly brutal distortion that only the MG can provide...

yeah no wonder ozzy let him go!

+2 to what everyone else said but also just pay attention to where exactly you are picking the string. if you arent at precisely the right spot then that could affect the quality of your desired PH note and therefore the sustain too.

i can do PHs fine on frets 5-12 but below 5, for some reason i cant do em for shit.

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Well, I am not saying I'm the harmonic wizard or anything. But, I get nearly the exact sound I expect from other guitars on the same amp. So, maybe I'm not accounting for the different neck lengths. I'll experiment with that today. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

And through this I figured out how to cheat harmonics with feedback. So, not a total loss.

Again, thanks all
The Pinch Harmonic depends greatly on your technique and the action. If the action is too low sometime you might have problem holding PH.

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How close are the pups to the strings? EMG's can be very close because of their weaker magnets, could try that.
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