Has anyone heard a Seymour Duncan Little 59 with the coils split? I have heard it normal in series with both coils on youtube. After reading a bunch reviews for about a week, I ordered one today. I could not find any videos or decent sound clips of it acting as a single coil.

I can always add in different tone caps and pots to change the sound, but I just wandered how twangy and clean it will sound as a single coil! I like the double coil sound, but I want both.

I have the Duncan Chopper T Tele and it is great as a double or single coil, but I wanted to try something different in my other Tele, so both won't sound the same.

Today, I decided on the Little 59, for some reason. If I hate it, I guess it will be on ebay soon. Buying pickups is so hard. You never know how it will sound with your own gear. It's more or less just a guessing game.
I have no idea, at all.

BUT, I am on the hunt for new pickups, so I really feel your pain brother, haha.
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