Hello everyone.

I'd like to know some great instrumental songs.

I only know a few like:
The Faceless - Akeldama
And some from metallica and others unknown bands.


Scale The Summit is an entirely instrumental band. Can't really go wrong with them.

Likewise, Animals As Leaders provides some pretty awesome fretwork.
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Ahavo Rabo Taco Salad by Alter Bridge.
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La Villa Strangiato, YYZ - Rush
The Call of Ktulu, Orion, Suicide and Redemption - Metallica
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai (Shredders)
Scarified, King of the Monsters - Racer X
and the list goes on and on...

EDIT: I forgot "To Live Is to Die" by Metallica
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some easy instrumentals i like to use are
dick dales miserlou is a great finger workout
metallica's to live is to die is great for 2 guitars
joe satrianis surfing with the alien will always impress... always
except for joe satrianis neither of these are super hard but they always impress
and even surfing with the alien is easy once you understand the wierd way he plays
Buckethead and Steve Vai are the best instrumentals ever
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Epilogue - Opeth
Meridian - August Burns Red
Stream if Consciousness - Dream Theater
Welcome to Bangkok - Brand New
Wishful Thinking - John Petrucci
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Racer x has several. Viking Kong, scarified, technical difficulties king of the monsters..
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Russian Circles, Pelican, Scale the Summit, Blotted Science, Behold...The Arctopus, Cloudkicker and Liquid Tension Experiment.