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I need some help on make a tough decision. I want to get a tattoo of an Aztec Warrior either on my back, arm or leg. I want it in order for me to show or express my pride of being a Mexican. Now the location of the tattoo is not really that important to me but if you have any suggestion on where it could look best I will take any suggestions (besides my penis, butt, or my testicles).

But anyway the decision I need help on is between which one of these three pictures should I get tattooed on me:



Sorry for image size.
i dont like any of them,

but id put it on a shoulder blade
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well 1 is cool but not as aztec like as the other 2. so I say go with 3 cuz i like it best
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I choose #3. You should get it nice and big on your chest. Then don't wear a shirt to show off your pride.

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When your half bird and 2 big cats aren't attacking you, you know your awesome.


First one is def my fav out of em.

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I say #1

either on your right shoulder blade, or on the right side of your stomach (wrapping around your side a little)
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