i have an old piece o crap ibanez gio guitar with a neck that is insanely warped. i just use the guitar as a test subject for my ideas ( i installed a kill switch on it and i have no soldering experience, but it worked ). but recently i got the idea to should strip and gut the guitar, refinish it, and rebuild it with a new neck, all new electronics, and maybe a little bit of body modification.

so my questions are:
where do i get a good replacement bolt on neck preferably under $100(square socket)?
what is the best way to get rid of the thick plasticy clear coat of of the body?
and is this a good idea or a complete waste of time and money?

i have some extra gibson 498 and 490 pickups sitin around i could use until i get some extar cash to buy some good dimarzios or duncans. but i woud have to buy all of the pots, switch, jack, and plastic parts. i would want to wire it with 2 volume controls w/ coil tap push pull pots, master tone, 3 way toggle switch, and a kill swtich.
any help is greatly appreciated
You might as well buy a new guitar or just build one. And judgeing by your question about replacment necks and the such you should realy reaserch beforehand. I know Warmoth sells replacment parts and neck but you will probably have to have one custom made to your neck pocket if you want a decent fit. As for finish removing there are numerouse methods. Sanding is the most obviouse but it can be done with heat.
ya i have done some resarch and i know findng a good cheap neck would be tough i could probly streach that budget a bit... bt i dont have all of the wood working tools to make a guitar... ive checked warmouth out befor and thats probly were i would buy all of my parts but i was hoping to spend a little less on a neck but im out of school right now and im board and want something to do. and i figured sanding would work but didnt know if there were any chemical treaments that could get the job done faster
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Square neck here ya go. http://store.guitarfetish.com/rst24frneprf.html Im sure you could fit a normal nut to it easily though I would personally take advantage of the routing for the floyd nut and just go ahead and put one on it without putting the locking blocks on it. Or if you dont want to buy locking tuners I guess this would be a cheaper and easy alternative to go ahead and use locking nut. Actually all of your problems except the paint issue can be fixed cheaply at this site. If you want dimarzio I suggest the GFS Power Rails or if you have a amp with great tone to use the crunchy rails. I will actually be getting some power rails soon for my guitar. Also they sell pots on there pretty cheap. And this isnt a waste of time if you end up with a guitar you like more and works better for you.
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No problem, if you can post some pictures of it when you done. Im sure we would all like to see it. Also they sell locking tuners for a pretty nice price too.
i would probly just save and invest in some schallers or sprezles tuners wise... bt im thinking i want to replace that crapy wraparound bridge but i think a t.o.m would look weird because the stop bar would be kinda close to the back of the guitar so would one of these work? http://store.guitarfetish.com/blbastinwrbr.html
edit: i found a r3 style roller nut to fit in that neck posted above, would this a beter alternative to the locking seance i dont have a trem?
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The nice thing about the Gio is that you can do so much with it in terms of electrical modding. The downfall is the stock hardware makes it hard to justify doing anything at all. I had the parts laying around, so the only cost for me was my own manual labor. But if you can find a cheap neck, then it makes for a nice experimental guitar in the end.

mine is the sg style body but it has a really nice and open controls cavity in the back wit alot of space for adding more nobs and such, im starting to get exited about ordering some parts and getting started on this project
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yo organ grinder thats awesome. do you get a lot of different sounds out of the 3 humbuckers or is it really similar sounds?

I was afraid that they would all sound the same myself, but they actually do have their own unique tones. The two chromers are from an Epiphone LP standard after my brother upgraded to seymour duncans. The middle is the original ibanez from the bridge. It's not a bad sounding guitar, it just has that $150 feel to it with all the quirks that come at that price.