Anyone actually good with this? I've lately been practicing while learning to play Tears in Heaven and I thought that it might be a technique that I could really get into. The two only problems I see is that it can get confusing and is hard to get used to, and that, assuming you're right handed and play with everything normal, that the pick will be used to pick lower strings while fingerpicking higher strings, thus making the lower strings louder than the higher strings, although it's not necessarily always a bad thing I guess...
I've seen Malmsteen kinda do it, but it seems really hard picking with only your bottom three fingers. At least for me.
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Hybrid picking can be a bitch. But like any technique, you just have to fine tune it so it works for you. If you find that you're picking too hard and fingerpicking too softly, try using a different kind of pick, or fingerpicking harder.
well doing this just getts getting used to but you will get it with practice and as for the loudness eventually you will get used to picking hard with your finger but if your really worried anout it you could let the nails on you picking hand grow a bit and that could help also might sound a little brighter
Hybrid picking is used quite often. Check out some of John 5s stuff, or some good ol' fashioned country guitar.
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Practice controlling your dynamics eg how loud/softly you play. It's something that only comes from playing experience.

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I'm pretty sure John 5 is really good at it, check out his teaser trailer thing for "The Devil Knows My Name"
the only time i use it is when i try to play stairway, other ways I just use my fingers and grab the pick if i need it (though that can be tricky in the middle of a song).
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Anyway, like, what would be the use of hybrid picking? Could you get creative, maybe play things that you couldn't play fingerpicking, like use the pick part to your advantage to accentuate certain parts or something?
I have noticed that jazz guitar players use hybrid picking so they can comp more like a piano instead of strumming. The jazz technique plays the top or middle four strings notes at once.
Arpeggiating the chord that way would be more difficult.
I do it all the time. It's pretty much standard for country players, and I use it in other contexts as well - ballads, jazz, 50's rock etc.

One thing you mentioned is volume, and I have to say you've got it backwards. You can get a MUCH louder and more percussive pop off a finger (especially the middle finger) than you can off a pick. That's how those really punchy clean country solos are played.
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I do it all the time. Shawn Lane, Guthrie Govan, Michael Lee Firkins, Buckethead and other fusion players/shredders make great use of hybrid picking.

Some examples:

Shawn Lane: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwgSRSGG9aA (about 3:00 in)

Guthrie Govan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J503OvHWKko (about 1:23 in)

Buckethead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy4LdGjp6TE (about 5:30 in) - his playing is not human here
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