hey guys i currently own a marshall MG100dfx and i think its pretty decent.. but a friend is suggesting me to exchange it for a randall RH 200g2 by the way i play all kinds of rock, blues and metal and own an ibanez RG1570 help me out please
Just about anything is a step up from an MG100. The smaller ones, yeah, they're a practice amp, fair enough. But a 100w one... ugh.
I'd say take your friend's advice and trade the MG for the Randall. In all likelihood it'll sound LOADS better than the MG.

Hate to burst your bubble, but MG's are only sub-par amps that good for practice only. Just thought I'd throw that out there...
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MG =

Buy the randall.
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I've played the Randall before...and I used to own the MG. The Randall is definitely an improvement.
tnx for ur quick response.........i see i think im gonna talk to the owner of the randall.... he says he gives it in exchange for my mg and im gonna try it well