Soul Sucka? Really Ozzy? This disturbs me greatly. It's being released in June. I want to know if Ozzy is still going to use some of the tracks that Zakk recorded or if Gus G is re-writing the music for the album. Maybe it's just me but I think Ozzy seems to be losing his touch. And now that he fired Zakk, Ozzy doesn't really appeal to me that much anymore (Let's not start a flame war, some people like Zakk, some don't. It's an opinion). Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this will be Ozzy's best album since Blizzard of Ozz or No More Tears. I don't know much about Gus G, but if he got in with Ozzy he must be a damn good guitar player. That's good that Ozzy is still working and moving on though. I wish there was at least some chance for a Black Sabbath reunion though. Maybe there's still hope, probably not.

Well anyway what does UG think about this? I might listen to a few of the songs on Myspace but I don't see myself buying this CD.



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I hope this doesn't put too much of a delay on Gus's work with Firewind.
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He's got Gus G with him now? Wow

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Anybody else notice that one of the tracks on this new album is called "Let it Die"?

Seems rather fitting.
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It'll probably end up being shit or average album at best.

But it'll still sell really well because it's Ozzy. Meh...
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Ozzy's never bad. <maybe a little commercialized now, but I'll give it a listen.
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This will start a RIOT! in me
I'm hoping Gus will have enough of an influence to make this worth my time. Can't say I've really enjoyed anything wylde+ozzy have done (cept maybe perry mason).
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i saw a video of gus with ozzy doing mr crowley, and he butchered the solo, was out of time, using ESP eclipses (les paul shape), and wearing those giant leather things on his arms that Zakk wears, so bascially he's trying to be Zakk and failing.
Also Soul Sucka!, WTF
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