I want to sand down a guitar from its current color to natural. What order of sandpaper grit should I go in?
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low to high.

Start with some 60, then work towards 120, then finish up with 240 or so before paint.
I'd advise using a belt sander though.
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I'm not sure of exact numbers, but just to make it easier to remember, is that the number is like the number of "rocks per inch." Technically, it has to do with the average size of the grit, but "Rocks per inch" works also. See, the lower the number, the fewer the number of rocks, and therefore, larger rocks. The higher the number, the more rocks per inch, and therefore the smaller the rocks have to be to fit them in that area.
But yeah, you will go from a lower grit towards a higher grit so its nice, smooth, and even.
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