Ok I have an Ibanez RGHRG2 (H.R. Giger edition) with an edge pro II Tremolo. I hate this mother****er. I love the guitar itself, but the tremolo is a pain, I can't get the intination right, and the only tuning I can get it to half stay in is Drop B. I regularly play in C#.

So i'm trying to swap the Edge pro II with the non tremolo bridge in my RX170.
I guess my question is, is this even possible? i dont want to ruin two decent guitars for something that turns out undoable.

my second mod I'm interested in doing is Cutting a third slot for another pickup. it's a solid body guitar. Doable or no?

Thanks for any and all help everyone.
get a tremol-no, yes you can put in another pickup

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y dont u just get it set up to c# by someone that knows what there doing? so it will work
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Not worth it. Get a Tremol-no or block the trem. Putting a hardtail in there would require a refinish and since its a HR Geiger it would be extremely expensive. You could put another pickup in there, but you'd also have the same problem as above. One tiny chip could ruin the whole look of the guitar. Not worth it IMO.