I just got a fat gift card for Christmas and I’m thinking about replacing my old Vox AD15VT (15-watt Valvetronix) with a Blackstar HT-5. The VT-15 sounds great but has button problems: the write and channel buttons just do not work (no clue why, this was a Craigslist deal). I think I’ll just try trading it in to get 15% off the Blackstar instead of selling it to someone without getting it worked on first, but will GC even take this busted little amp?
You should be able to get 15% off if you haggle a bit as it is, especially this time of year.

As far as the Vox VT, normally I do not suggest to people to trade their amp in at GC but it may be the better option vs selling it someone knowing it has button problems. Don't expect to get much.