(Breathe For Me)
Not my type
Oh you can be negative
as it seems the world has given
given us all an
erection of the
It's getting ever
harder to think, and two twice may or may not
void this warranty.
Warrants to kill, warrants to live,
and the screen would have me believe
that last time I died I came alive.

This wave,
this sensation,
comstipation of thoughts,
then running free with a chill
laxative force fed by all
those men in the park
promising my mind an experience
that truly living
could not reach.

(Out on the Ins)
Purpose you've found it
others what their purpose
should be
in the book
by the same who would
take a one-way to that happy place,
He knows is
Everlasting in
Last worded

Please release me, the shackles
right on
the left have put my
tubes in a

And we all know how that feels.
I think this was probably overly metaphorical...I can explain each part if anyones interested...

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Its pretty good. I read and forgot to comment.
what is there to explain? I understand it.
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Well it seems hit-or-miss on the S&L community, sometimes everyone can divine the most complicated meaning from something, and at other times people just......