(a dadism)

beg for release from the adjective
television was to earlier generations;
I arrive and then another
at Columbia Records,
starting to look inevitable
from roster in order.
Acclaimed acts-
is jazz dead?
Miles Davis said to Clive:
"You think you have a sound that relevant;
autobiography you can't help but read?"
For a minute, your record
requires magazines, newspapers,
Bitches Brew;
a National Endowment for the Arts.
Calling me a jazz man?
That's exactly what
present in pure poison
(complete with psychedelic cover)
is to the moment;
found that the survey
aggressively pursue pop artists
if the marketplace,
a new, close-listen
in the record mogul,
look at the contemporary.
Particularly in years,
first related anecdote,
that the art's fortunes
a new piece of data come along to kick.
Every few dicey decades,
a mass-culture
is dead. Simply,
the trumpeter was right-
after it's release in 1969,
go promise the boss,
obscure their work,
level execution,
and jazz is dead.
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This had something about it that I really enjoyed. The images and phrasings hit me like jabs; there were points when I could not really find the flow and some of the structuring did not appear grammatically fluid but nonetheless, I think that's what I liked about it. In my mind, it worked like a collage where you had images here and there, all coming together at the end to form the picture "jazz is dead".

I honestly would be nit-picking if I were to give you suggestions and I hate it when people nit-pick. I thought you took a unique topic and executed it very well.
here, My Dear, here it is
Well, I don't think so either. It was an article I cut out the phrases of, put them in a bag, withdrew them and stuck them together with slight manipulation. It's Dadaism But yeah, Jazz is not dead.

EDIT--Changed the link to better information.
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This is very interesting. Some bits I couldn't quite get to work but overall it's a nice little dive of creativity.

I might nitpick later... but probably not.
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i thought dadism was more like "white room by cream" all about just somthing you happen to see, in the white room, with black curtians at the station

or at least thats what i was told, and that wiki page is just sorta confusing
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Dadaism to me is the liberation of the subconscious mind.

My biggest fear about this piece is that the flow is completely non-existent in some places. It sort of comes out in short bursts, like a radio message. And it is not controlled, like it jumps a bit at the start. It got a bit too esoteric and lost but it picked up at the end.

Well done on trying something different (as stupid as that sounds)
You're not afraid to mess with formatting, ideas/notions and that's just one thing I like about your work.

I enjoyed this.
That's the way to make poetry :p It sounds so good I might have to try it myself Keep on Writing
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