Hey everyone im writing a song on guitar. its got soul and everything i just need a killer solo. Trouble is its hard to make a solo that suits the rest of the song. Can anyone help?
do you have a recording or guitar pro?
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Study your chord's scales (correct word, yeah?) and make a solo out of it. You could go up an octave aswell for some high-pitched notes.

A killer solo doesn't have to be fast and advanced, just fool around with the sound.
Songs don't need solos. All though all mine do..

You don't want to force anything, if you're not feeling a solo, you might not want to add one. Do you have a recording? Look at the progressions and scales you are playing in and base it off that. Like if you were playing chords in the 5th position, you would maybe use a pentatonic solo in A.

Just a few of my thoughts.
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