Hi everybody. Just as the title says, I'd appreciate some opinions on a new song I just downloaded. In my profile, it's: untitled heavy funk thing

It's just guitar and drums. And yeah, I know the drums are cheesy, but it's just a demo, so who cares.

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The main riff sounds good and the song is well structured. However, the way I see things, vocals could either make this a great song or just kill it. So far, you're on the right track with this, recording the bass will add some heaviness to the song, the guitar alone can't make up for it and it still sounds thin.

The drums were a bit too loud in the mix, bring out the guitar
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I like it... and when u add the bass... this will sound much more heavy... I like this kind of tune...

the guy above me is rite... adding vocal may make this a better piece or just ruin it... so be careful there...

Keep it up...
Guitar has lots of nasty mids, not a great tone considering all your really nice gear.

Song sounded great though, the riffs were nothing new but did capture that great rock vibe. Drums were really fake sounding.