im need a new strap for jackson js30rr, now if anyones played this guitar you find that when youre not holding it that the neck just goes completely down (i think its because its heavier than the body) anyway i remember reading somewhere a while ago that you could get straps that stap the guitar leaning down when your not holding, is this actually right or do they not exist.
A decent leather/suede strap will kind of counteract the neck heaviness. Not much you can do other than that really.
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Yep there are a lot of guitars out there that are neck heavy, avoid straps with a smooth finish on the reverse side.
Levy makes some good straps (leather, suede, and padded leather). Really does help prevent the neck from doing nose dives with the RR models. If you haven't already done so, get some Dunlop strap locks, not the other brands which have retaining nuts that can (and will) loosen resulting in you owning guitar pieces! They come in a variety of colors to match your existing hardware.