Name inspired by the wonderful 6 inches of snow that I got yesterday.

Lemme know what you think, and leave a link if you'd like me to look at yours as well. :]

P.S. The transitions are cliche, bad, and just meh. Band practice is later today so if they like the song we'll work out the kinks.
Snow yo.zip
The intro riff sounds cool to start with, but it gets boring and repetitive fast. Once bar 33 though it sounds amazing and changes the feel of the song a bit, and I love it... but then 41 comes along and it sounds even cooler! The slap bass in there adds an even cooler touch. My only complaint about this part would be the timing of the crash cymbals. Directly after, the riff is kinda cool, but the drums don't exactly fit in with the riffing. The riff after this part sounds pretty cool, but once the power chords come in I don't really like it- the techy riff is cool, but the chords themselves are meh. The distorted part before the clean part is great, the clean part not so much, but once the two clean guitars start playing it sounds really cool. Once the distorted guitars come back in that riff isn't boring anymore- the transition isn't really bad either, but itd sound better without bar 121. The rest of the song sounds pretty good.
Overall the song has some really cool riffs, some okay riffs, and a bad riff here and there. I think it has a lot of potential, if you fix up a few parts and make the drums a little bit more interesting, it would be a really cool song
This was a pretty cool song. The slow plodding feel of it was nice and I could actually envision snow falling in an open field. bar 3 onward and bar 41 onward are the best parts however. Bar 41 heavily reminds me of Hopes Fall (older Hopes Fall). The Clean section could use more ornamentation. Its pretty plain the way it is and while that's cool, it could use some atmosphere. The Breakdown-ish parts feel unessecary.