Is it possible for a Peavey Valve King Top 100 and a small cabinet to use in my room? Won't it be too loud? what's about a maximum for the cabinet
i think that amp has a power attenuator so it should be able to be turned down for practice
and the cabinet you link it to make sure its the right ohm rating
Its possible of you live alone on a farm, miles from anyone else. Get a Roland Cube or Peavey Vypyr that suits your pocket.
I have no idea what you mean by 'maximum for a cabinet'. Price? Wattage? Size?
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I mean wattage. but when I turn it down is the quality of the sound still good
get the peavey for playing to/with others, but i'd recommend one of the vox headphone amps
check the wattage on the speakers of your amp, if they add up to more than the 100 from youre valve king and your ohms match, then you'll be fine.

obviously, practicality and efficiency wise, it would be simpler to buy a cheap practise amp, solid state, or even a little battery powered one, but i practise though my full set up, just keep the volume nice and low in the house and the tone is still very good, and it wont blow up anything, and saves time faffing about when you want to crank it up.
Valve amps respond to playing dynamics in a different way to solid states, just use your VK. No point in practicing on an inferior piece of gear.