Guys I have a marshall class 5 amp and was wondering if id notice the difference between buying a whole 4x12 for about 300 or replacing it with one ten inch scumback.

Im looking at a used cab that has G12S-50 celestions made in england and he is selling it for 180 and looks to be used but looks like its in good condition, no rips or tears.

Which will make a bigger sound difference a 4x12 or one scumback speaker.

Im looking for that vintage 60's sound.
You'll feel a big difference in the low end, no matter what kind of a 10" speaker you have, chances are, it doesn't like cranking all that much and a 4x12" will sound beefier.

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Go with the Scumbags. The G12S-50 is garbage. It's a good way to make an amp sound uninspiring. Sure, a 4x12 is cool and all but if you're looking for the most out of your amp, I think you'll benefit the Scumbag or even a 2x12 cabinet.

You could always try a Greenback clone. Marshalls and Greenbacks go very well together if you're looking for that classic rock sound.
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