I have been gassing for a second guitar. I currently have a faded sg that I very much love. This is my first guitar so I don't have any comparisons. My main question is how well built are the lower end prs models? Secondly how do they compare to the epi les pauls?
a gibson faded sg? if you're upgrading then get neither an epi or se model prs, as that'd be a downgrade

also: my personal opinion of current epiphones. my bros les paul standard (epi) plays quite well though the pickups are very weak. i'd suggest going second hand as i cant justify ever paying 700 AUD for an epi les paul.
My experiences on the PRS SE series guitars have been very positive. In their price range they're pretty much the best out there.

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The PRS SE's are better than similarly priced Epi's IMO. It can be as nice as a faded Gibson SG is you are able to cherry pick the one one buy, but for the post part it will be a step down. The Gibson Faded SG's (and LP's) are the rare case of a Gibson 'bargain'.

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PRS low end stuff isn't all that bad, but it wouldn't be as good as a Gibson faded.

Just don't wait too long, since a great deal of their guitars are being discontinued from production.
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