Just thought I'd put my band's new track up for any freaks out there that like listening to filthy music with loads of feedback and dirty sludge riffs.

it's pretty sloppy, pretty noisy and there's plenty of **** ups, but we were stoned as **** and it doesn't really matter, because it's about unique musical ideas, not perfect execution.

hope someone enjoys this.

That was the longest 20 minutes in my whole life. Sounds a whole lot like Naked City, minus the Zorn. Sounds like an evil, demonic Miles Davis, you know like if you took a song from Bitches Brew, made it rather dark, heavy, and satanic sounding, then stretched it for 20 mins lol. Even though you were stoned as shit, you guys were definitely more in time than my bassist xD. This is win. You can hustle this shit, you know lol.

Mind listening to mine?