I know there have been some headphone threads lately but i'm looking for ones that i can use with recording. i was thinking sennheiser HD280 Pro, but i'm not sure if there are some others i should look at. No real budget, I just want a good set with the best value.
Judging by this post

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well the entire main section of R&R is to talk about recording gear and techniques. sub-forums are for actual recordings and such.

and we have had a big increase in traffic since the name change/mod change a couple months ago. i feel like people are now more involved in the main part with recording questions and more likely to use it. obviously not as busy as GG&A or some other forums, but for something that was almost dead for a long time it is building nicely. i kinda think that once it gets more solidified people will probably start asking more things there, cause right now they seem to just go for the busy forums for a fast response.

also, i do try to either move or close all recording questions in GG&A. i mean i know i miss some, but most of them dont get reported so they are easy for me/other mods to miss. though brendan i think you do a good job with the reports to move things to R&R.

overall, i wouldnt be adverse to another name change, but im not sure it is warrented. i was trying to come up with something that was similar enough but to also get the point across a bit more. if other people agree that it might need another change, well we can figure out what seems to be best.


This thread would be better off over in Riffs and Recordings, so *reported* for wrong forum, although im not sure