Question 1

Ok, so I'm trying to find some songs to learn that have melodic diminished tones and arpeggios that would transfer to acoustic guitar (or ideally started there). Any ideas? These things seem to be hard to find, but a properly used diminished riff sounds incredibly atmospheric and moody on acoustic to me. I'd like to kind of figure out how other people are adding those flatted notes in there without making it sound like a crapfest.

Question 2

Metal songs that are in the solid intermediate category. I got pieces of Lamb of God songs from their Ashes of the Wake album which is right up my alley. But, I'd like to be able to get a full song down (I've got the entire intro to Laid to Rest)

I'm not quite to the level of "shredding" yet (starting to make that leap a little at a time though, so any songs that have some moderate licks I can work on would be great for learning to loosen my fingers and steady my picking hand a bit)

Just trying to find songs and techniques to get better while I shop for a good instructor (which apparently is the hardest thing in the world hah)

Thanks in advance, I know you get alot of these threads