Hey guys.

I've noticed that when playing with alot of distortion(metal) i get abit of string noise out of the higher strings when doing hard vibrato. I have tried keeping my fretting fingers straight so they "block" the thinner strings but it still happens. Im guessing the rubbing agaisnt the strings is making the noise. How do you guys go about it? I sometimes use the free fingers on my picking hand to mute the higher strings but its harder to do if the tempo is faster. Is there any better ways?
depends on what strings. if its higher, i try to mute with my fretting hand. if its lower, i mute with my picking hand. also, try to make your vibrato less violent and it shouldnt be as noticeable.
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Yeh i try using my fretting under to control it but the rubbing of the underside of the fingers causes the noise How does Zakk Wylde keep his vibrato so clean yet so wild?
happened with me as well , when bending 1st or 2nd string, the noise comes from 3 or 4th one. irritating u knw