Hi all, my family was thinkin of getting a dog.
And i was wondering if dogs and guitar gear work good togehter?
I have alot of pedals on the floor. Do they bite on cables, pedals??
Scratch the guitars??

Anyone here that has a dog that can tell me a little about it, i don't want to have damaged guitar gear...
You might have to get a Noise Suppressor. They make loud feedback when you plug your patch cable in.
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my dog has never bothered my guitar stuff. she kinda lays around all day. depends on the dog. if yur dog likes to screw with yur guitar shit just put it all away somewhere when yur done

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If it's a puppy, chances are yes, it will chew on stuff. SOme older dogs, too. My guitar stuff is away from my dogs, and anything small up off the floor where they can't reach- guitars in a hard case, picks/tuner/pedals in a drawer, amp turned to the wall so the electrical plug isn't hanging out to chew on.

PROTIP- get a female dog- they don't lift their legs and pee into your amp / cabinet.
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My dog can play guitar
Ok, she can't really hold a fret down, but she can sort of pluck a string
nah just play loud and let him see them amp and put all your stuff behind it
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my dogs have never so much gone into the room where i play guitar. they are very good at knowing their boundarys.
Then again, i cant really speak for all dogs. Just like people. they will have different personalities.
In my opinion, i say you go for it. Having a dog is worth far more than a couple chewed up patch cords.
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My dog hates it when I play through my MG15CDR. Of course, I also hate it when I play through my MG15CDR so...take from that what you will.

She's never chewed on any of my gear but that doesnt mean anything. If you get a dog that likes to chew you never know what's going to happen.
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I have Dobermanns and they leave my shit alone for the most part. Unless I am playing on the couch or something and they'll come and lick my guitar.
I have 3 dogs in various sizes, biggest is a german shepherd. None of them have ever touched my guitars/accessories. But they have obviously tried. Just teach them early on that it's a big nono. Smack them if necessary.
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Also, it should be said that I love dogs. they are probably my favorite thing.

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My dog is very crazy but shes never done any thing to my guitar stuff. all she does is lay on the cables. I guess it gives her a massage or something but just to be safe you should put your stuff where the dog cant get it.
My dog only goes near my guitar stuff when I'm playing. Other than that she stays away.
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My dog doesn't chew on any of my gear. He just sniffs it for a while when I get a new piece of equipment. Although he hates when I play my guitar. He screams at the door to be let out except for one time I was playing a nice soft song (don't remember which however) and he seemed to enjoy it and laid down and fell asleep.
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my lab only chews on her toys, shes insanely smart though

just put your guitar equipment in a room that you can close the door
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i have a lot of guitar gear and the dog doesnt mess with it but i happen to be the dog









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Some dogs get really scared of acoustic guitars, some just get mad, some don't care.
Depends on the dog, really.

my dog fears and respects my acoustic guitar. It's kinda funny. When I play, he runs away.
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I once had a really big, really hyper puppy. He knocked over my dad's strat (now my strat). The nut broke, but nothing major.
My dog chewed through my good cable before she finally got over her chewing phase.

Just make sure you buy toys and things for it to gnaw on, which should prevent it from chewing on anything else, too.